With in one year of joining The Center, John has made some big gains. Since his retirement from USD489 he had more free time but was at a loss of a regular place to work out. His regular workouts were lacking and he was not doing enough to maintain the fitness level he desired. "I needed a regular form of exercise which would help my general fitness as well as providing a cardio workout." John found what he needed at The Center for Health Improvement and, in particular, with water aerobics and strength training which he says has helped his flexibility. One of John's goals was to get in shape for the 16th Annual Salina Senior Games and participate in whatever events possible, in spite of a recent hip replacement. Not only did he participate, but he also set a new record at the Senior Games. I really believe that the combination of water aerobics and weight training allowed me to compete again, not to mention the encouragement that I received from other members and staff at The Center helped my attitude as I went into competition.

"Oxygen Free" are the best two words Diann has ever heard. That was the goal Diann set for herself the day her doctor diagnosed her with a lung disease in January 2014. She was told she would need supplemental oxygen for the rest of her life, 24 hours a day, and that she only had two to five years to live. Diann refused to believe this and entered the CardioPulmonry Rehab program on January 29, 2014. It was in rehab that the staff helped Diann gain her life back with exercise and strength training. After completing rehab, Diann transitioned into our 8 week LiveWell program where she gained more strength, stamina and most importantly confidence to continue exercising on her own. She also pursued additional medical consultation and refused to accept a bleak diagnosis, Diann followed the recommendations of her doctors and maintained her exercise and continued to improve. As of August 18, 2014 Diann is a member of The Center who uses the treadmill for 30 minutes every day, does not need to use any supplemental oxygen, and is looking forward to many more vibrant years of life.  

After having a heart attack, bypass surgery and a pacemaker Mike decided it was time to make a change in order for him to stay healthy. Mike began his exercise routine in Cardiac Rehab where he said it was a very informative way to start an exercise program. It was also in Cardiac Rehab where Mike says the staff motivated him and he has since been inspired to stay healthy. Mike continued in LiveWell after Cardiac Rehab where he learned some new workouts and started to exercise more independently. The rest is history as Mike continues to exercise 3 times a week having lost weight and reduced his medications. "My ultimate goal is to make exercise a lifetime fixture in my lifestyle."

"The impact of LiveWell on my mental and physical issues has been very positive, remarkably so. I can't thank and praise enough the professional and compassionate work of the LiveWell team. I have started and will continue a new chapter of exercise in my life and have already realized the reward of increased stamina in four months. I'm convinced the long term rewards will follow appropriately."