HaysMed Women’s Health Services

HaysMed takes pride in providing state of the art healthcare for Women and their families. With the Center for Women’s Health, Breast Care Center & Women/Infant Services, HaysMed provides a full line of care specific to women and their children in Ellis County and Western Kansas.

Center for Women’s Health

Breast Care Center

Welcome to the Breast Care Center at Hays Med where our mission is to offer patient-centered, personalized and compassionate care for those with breast concerns. We are committed to providing comprehensive diagnostic, prevention and survivorship services for those who have a need for specialized breast care.

Women/Infant Services

The Woman/Infant Care Center includes labor and delivery, well baby nursery and special care nursery, level 2 NICU, postpartum and surgical care of women patients who have had hysterectomies or mastectomies. We also care for some women patients who have had cosmetic surgeries.