New Cancer Patients

The Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute medical team has the expertise to handle even the most complex and challenging cases. Appointments at the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute are planned carefully to coordinate for all your needs.  We attempt to obtain information from your referring doctor with labs and imaging as well as pathology.  We also try to obtain any pertinent history.  We will work with other providers and your local hospital/clinic to provide what is called multidisciplinary care.  This will help keep your labs/imaging and treatment close to home whenever possible.  We want to ensure you get the best possible care while ensuring your primary care providers and local family community are there to support you through every step of your treatment.

For further information please link to these sites:

Referrals:  Many times our patients will be referred to us by another doctors involved in your care.  When your referring physician asks us to see you, we will contact you regarding an appointment.  We also accept self-referrals.  You may call us directly for a consultation with one of our cancer specialists.

Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute: 785-623-5774 or 1-800-248-0073 Ext. 5774
Radiation Oncology:  785-623-5740
Medical Oncology/Hematology:  785-623-5774
Oncology Services Manager:  785-623-5757

Some information will need to be filled out prior to your appointment.  These forms will be mailed to you for your convenience.  You will then bring this information with you to your appointment.

Second Opinions:  If you are receiving your care at the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute and you wish to have a second opion we can make those accommodations for you.  If you are coming to the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute for a second opinion, we will provide you and your doctor with our best medical opinion.

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