Make a Referral

Do you need to transfer a patient to HaysMed, or make a referral to one of our specialty clinics? At HaysMed, we make it easy to ensure your patients have the care they need.

How to Refer or Transfer a Patient

From hospitals to clinics, long-term care facilities and community health organizations, we are proud to partner with all providers and facilities for excellence in patient care. Use the information below to request a referral or transfer, depending on your patient’s needs:

Referring a patient to a HaysMed specialist: We offer specialized care across a comprehensive range of specialties, from cardiology and oncology to surgery and so much more. To refer a patient to any of our specialty clinics, please call the clinic directly. View a full list of our services here.

Transferring a patient to HaysMed for inpatient care: For emergent or non-emergent hospital care, you can request a transfer to HaysMed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To do so, please call our ER DIRECT line. ER DIRECT is answered 24/7 by a charge nurse in our emergency department, who will assist in coordinating same-day and next-day transfers for emergent and non-emergent situations. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Service needed based on primary condition
  • Indicate if the patient is currently in the ED or admitted as a patient in the hospital
  • Indicate if it is a:
    • Medical emergency (e.g., STEMI, stroke, sepsis, etc.)
    • Trauma or obstetrics
    • Time-sensitive diagnosis (medical condition)
  • Please be prepared to send a Face Sheet and upload images or EKG to PAC.

Our providers will collaborate with you and keep you informed of your patient’s progress while they are in our care. We look forward to serving you and your patients at HaysMed.