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  • The care was outstanding.  Nurses and all others were very caring and professional as well as friendly as was the staff in ER.

  • I would like to commend the staff of the ER Dept, CPCU and Cath Lab for the excellent care I received during my stay this past week.  The staff of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound were caring as well.  Thank You!

  • What a wonderful experience!  The staff in the ER and CPCU were nothing short of magnificent.  I was treated with dignity and respect.  Every single employee knew their job and did it well.  Many thanks for making my stay and my treatment not just bearable, but a very positive experience!

An 8 bed Emergency Department fully staffed 24 hours a day with experienced, qualified RNs and in-house board certified physicians

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The Emergency Department is a specialized unit of HaysMed that provides quality care in the emergency setting. Many of our ED nurses are Board Certified in Emergency Nursing.

In addition, the ED is staffed with nurses certified in:

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Life Support
  • Neonatal Resuscitation and STABLE
  • Trauma Nursing, Pediatric Trauma Nursing, and Advanced Trauma Nursing
  • Basic Disaster Life Support/ Hazmat/ Hazwopper

At the HaysMed Emergency Department patients are treated with respect and compassion in a safe and friendly environment. We strive to provide prompt evaluation, coordinated care, and appropriate diagnosis and treatment of emergent or life-threatening conditions.

Sexual Assualt Response Team (SART)


The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)/Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a community-based coordinated response to child and adult victims of sexual assault. The purpose of this program is to provide victim centered care to all victims of sexual assault.

Rights of Victims of Sexual Assault

You have the right to report to law enforcement or not report to law enforcement. Victims under the age of 18 may not report anonymously. This means that you may still receive advocacy services and a medical exam, including evidence collection, but it will NOT be reported to law enforcement unless you want it to be. You may report the crime up to five years later.

What to Expect When Coming for a SANE Exam

*   We will give you compassionate care.
*    We will explain everything to you.
*    We will have you sign consent forms.
*    We will take a complete history.
*   We will conduct a head to toe examination.
*    We will collect evidence.
*    We will conduct a detailed genital examination.
*   We may do lab work.
*    We will discuss medication options.
*    We will maintain your privacy.

Role of the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner)

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner is a Registered Nurse, who has specialized training in the treatment and care of victims of sexual assault. Nurses are able to complete the following:

•    Victim History
•    Head to toe examination
•    Detailed genital examination
•    Forensic evidence collection
•    Forensic photography
•    Courtroom testimony

Evidence Preservation

•    Do NOT drink any liquids.
•    Do NOT brush your teeth.
•    Do NOT use mouthwash.
•    Do NOT take a shower.
•    Do NOT take a bath.
•    Do NOT douche.
•    Do NOT change your clothes.
•    Do NOT urinate (if at all possible).
•    Do NOT have a bowel movement.

Bring any other items related to the assault with you to the hospital or give to law enforcement.

SART Members & Roles

Members of the response team include the following:
*    Law Enforcement
*    County Attorney
*    SRS
*    SANE Nurses
*   Victim Advocates

Roles of SART Members

Roles of SART Members

Law Enforcement
*    Investigates all parties involved.
*    Investigates crime scene.
*    Receives evidence and reports from SANE.
*    Submits reports to County Attorney.
*    Remains in contact with the victim during all phases of the investigation.

County Attorney
*    Look at the facts of the case and files charges.
*    Prosecutes for the State.
*    Builds rapport with the victim and family.

*    Notified on all victims under the age of 18.
*    Conducts investigations.

SANE Nurses
*    Victim History
*    Head to toe examination
*    Detailed genital examination
*    Forensic evidence collection
*    Forensic photography
*    Courtroom testimony

Victim Advocates
*    Provide comfort and support.
*    Educate victim and their support system.
*    Provides information and referrals to community resources.
*    May be present during all phases of the investigation.

For More Information

Carol Groen, RN, MSN, CEN
Director SANE program
Hays Medical Center
2220 Canterbury
Hays, KS 67601