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The Nursing Vision of Hays Medical Center is to provide an evidence based, positive work environment focused on quality patient care.

Hays Med nurses bring a spirit of professionalism and clinical excellence to every facet of nursing. Nurses at Hays Med are involved in the quality improvement projects such as fall preventions and elimination of hospital acquired infections and pressure injuries, as well as other patient specific quality indicators.

If you are a newly graduated nurse or if you are among the best in your nursing specialty and passionately committed to providing the best care for patients, we would like you to consider becoming part of our team.

Hays Med continues to strive to be the ‘Best Tertiary Care Center in Rural America’.  The system follows recommendations from the American Nurses Association and has established a goal to increase the proportion of baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses to 80 percent of the total registered nursing workforce.

New hire ADN associates are encouraged to obtain a BSN.  Hays Med offers generous support through tuition reimbursement for the to obtain this degree.

A multidisciplinary network of support
No matter which unit or clinic you choose, HaysMed takes a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.  You will work alongside an experienced team of physicians, registered nurses, healthcare assistants, senior nursing associates, unit clerks and office managers.

Each unit also has a nurse director, nurse supervisor, clinical nurse educator, dietitian, pharmacist, social worker, hospitalist and physical, occupational and respiratory therapists.  The hospitalist program provides around-the-clock access to physicians to help manage changes in patient status.  Working as a team, our staff ensures the very best outcomes for our patients.

Care development that improves care
The innovations and knowledge of nurses often lead to significant care advances.  Our nurses are supported and recognized for their contributions to patient care and to the nursing profession.  One way we do this is through the Professional Advancement Plan (PAP).

The program rewards individual initiative and involvement in health system activities with a monetary bonus.  To participate, nurses must meet baseline standards and have at least one year of tenure as an RN at the health system.  Participants earn points toward a bonus for tenure, educational level reached and professional activities.  These range from committee work and continuing education to mentorships and community service.

Orientation and training
Newly hired nursing staff members with experience receive five days of general hospital orientation, including safety and customer service training.  Nursing units also provide several weeks of orientation and training designed to meet the specialized needs of their patients.  Clinical nurse educators, nurse clinicians and nurse managers participate in the orientation and training process, which is tailored to fit individual needs – from nursing novice to experienced professional.  Each new associate is also assigned a preceptor or mentor to help further develop his or her nursing skills and knowledge.

RN Residency Program
Ideal candidates would be RN’s with less than 1 year of clinical experience in an inpatient/hospital setting. RN Licensure is not required in order to apply for a position. Should you be offered a position, RN licensure IS REQUIRED by the start date. Offers are contingent upon RN licensure so please plan ahead to take boards as soon as possible. Should you happen to fail boards, you will be eligible to apply for the next RN Residency cohort.

Application Process
1.    Please visit our online career center at http://haysmed.com/careers for instructions on how to create a candidate profile.
2.    Once you have completed your candidate profile, please apply to the job posting of RN Resident.
***Please note that any CURRENT HaysMed associates should apply by accessing the online career center and logging in as an Associate. Directions can be found on the Human Resources Intranet tab under Job Transfer Guide.

Selection Process
The interview process includes a formal interview and a simulation/case study assessment. Interviews will be conducted as the candidate is ready.  They will take about 30 minutes and will be held in the Human Resources Conference Room.

***Directions to Interview Conference Room: Candidates will enter using the Bickle Medical Pavilion entrance area and take a left at the lobby. Proceed down the hallway to the elevators located on the left. Take the elevator to the lower level. Human Resources is located in the basement. Please turn right after stepping off the elevator.
Available RN Residency positions are based on several factors such as total number of available coaches and open positions at the time of offers. Most offers will be made within minutes of the completion of the interview. All residency positions are full time and most positions are for night shift.

Residency Program Details
Our nurse residency program is meant to help nurses’ transition into clinical practice. Our program is a 12-month program where you can enhance your critical-thinking and evidence-based decision-making skills. You will have the opportunity to be placed with a coach during the first seven to ten weeks of your orientation period. You will participate in skill assessments; classroom based educational training, review of policies, procedures and technology training working with multi-disciplinary teams learning how to serve your patients with confidence.

Your residency coordinator provides additional monthly support giving you the tools necessary to enhance your abilities and gain the confidence of providing excellent bedside care.

Residency Contract & Work Commitment
Participation in the RN Residency program requires a one (1) year work commitment. You will be required to sign a contractual agreement valued at $5,000.00. Should you terminate your employment with HaysMed prior to fulfilling the 1-year commitment, you will be required to pay HaysMed the full value of the contract ($5,000.00).

Sign-on Bonus

All residency positions are also awarded a $6,000 signon bonus.  This bonus will be paid in two installments with the first installment 6 months after the start of the program and the second installment at the end of the residency.  This bonus is made possible by the Hadley Foundation which supports the delivery of care at HaysMed.

The Professional Advancement Program
PAP is designed to promote staff empowerment and autonomy. It is established to enhance professional growth and development, to reward achievement and hard work, and to contribute to the recruitment and retention of qualified staff. Projected benefits include: enhancing patient care, improving nursing professional identity, motivating individual growth and achievement, increasing job satisfaction, and recognizing clinical expertise while contributing to the teamwork, quality, patient satisfaction and financial success of Hays Medical Center. As a nurse advances in the PAP, bonuses are paid based on the level completed as determined by the committee:

Compensation Perks: Premium Pay Program& Shift Differentials
Nurses receive an additional $6.00 above base wage when you agree to work a premium pay shift for working extra hours on your home unit or floating to another unit. We also have generous evening ($2.30), night ($3.75) and weekend differentials ($3.00).

Nurse Recruiter |Human Resources |HaysMed,| Chrissy Driscoll Phone: 785-623-5073 | Fax: 785-623-5627 | cdriscoll@kumc.edu | PO BOX 8100, Hays, Kansas 67601
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Professional identity statement for nurses
At HaysMed, we strive to create a dynamic culture of professional behavior that requires personal and team accountability, self-reflection, integrity and respect.  A nurse at HaysMed has a professional obligation to provide the highest quality of care that is reflective of our culture and to adhere to organizational policies and best practices.  This culture is actualized through image, attitude and behavior.