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Patient Comments

July 2018

The care was wonderful. Staff was friendly and caring.

Jeremy made me feel very relaxed. He didn’t pry but talked to me about my likes and hobbies.

Jeremy did a super job taking the study. Great job!

Jeremy was great! He’s a keeper! Mattress was too hard!

January 2016

My experience was very good. Carrie was very helpful on getting the test scheduled. Nate and others were very good about answering all the questions we had. They were very good about doing things during the test. I think the test will be very beneficial in improving my sleep and health.

The two gentlemen could not have done a better job! They were excellent!

October 2015

Very well informed by staff and thought they did a good job.

The staff was great! Very professional, very fast when I needed something. Fun and Friendly made me feel more comfortable and welcome.

Both young gentleman were extremely polite to me and quite obviously knew exactly what they were doing.

The care I received last night was great. The two men that took care of me were excellent. They were very caring, took time to explain things and were very considerate. I really did appreciate them.

Very good service and care given during this sleep study.

The staff that helped me with this were very helpful and caring.

March 2015

All of the people here are kind, thoughtful, and lots of fun to have around.

I had reservations about having the test done. The staff is very professional and courteous. I’m happy I did the test. Everyone did a very good job.

Feb 2015

Keep your spirit of welcome and accommodation.

When I first got here I was kind of nervous but was quickly put at ease.

Jan 2015

Both my guys were awesome—chatting away and listening politely.

You guys are doing very well. I am well pleased. Both guys did their jobs well.

Oct 2014

It was so much better than I anticipated.

Honestly everything was fine.  The staff was very nice and answered all of my questions and were helpful.  Jeremy and Nate were nice and friendly.


Your Sleep Physician

A good night’s sleep is important to your well-being. Since most people spend roughly one third of their lives asleep, it’s easy to see how the quality of sleep directly affects the quality of your life.

One out of three Americans has a sleep disorder which makes sleeping or waking hours miserable. Many of these people suffer needlessly simply because they are unaware that a problem exists.

Once detected, most sleep disorders can be corrected. The following simple test is designed to alert you to any problems which may result from sleep disorders.

Test the Quality of Your Sleep

Here’s a quick test that can help determine the quality of your sleep. If you experience any of the following symptoms on a regular basis, circle the # of each statement which applies to you.

1. I’ve been told that I snore loudly.
2. I’ve been told that I stop breathing or gasp for breath while I sleep, although I don’t remember this when I wake up.
3. I have high blood pressure.
4. My friends and family say they have noticed changes in my personality.
5. I am gaining weight.
6. I sweat excessively during the night.
7. I have noticed my heart pounding or beating irregularly during the night.
8. I get morning headaches.
9. I seem to be losing my sex drive.
10. No matter how hard I try to stay awake, I still fall asleep-even after a full night’s sleep.
11. When I experience strong emotions such as anger, fear, or surprise I go limp.
12. I have fallen asleep while driving – even after a full night’s sleep.
13. I experience vivid dreamlike scenes upon or soon after falling asleep.
14. I have fallen asleep during physical effort.

15. I feel as though I have to cram a full day into every hour to get anything done.
16. I have trouble at work or school because of sleepiness.
17. I often feel totally paralyzed for brief periods when falling asleep or just after wakening.
18. I have to use antacids almost every week for stomach trouble and wake up with heartburn.
19. I have a chronic cough.
20. I have morning hoarseness.
21. I wake up at night coughing or wheezing.
22. I have frequent sore throats.
23. Even though I slept through the night, I still feel sleepy during the day.
24. Other than when exercising, I still experience muscle tension, aching or crawling sensations in my leg.
25. I ‘ve been told that I kick at night.
26. I experience leg pain during the night.
27. Sometimes I can’t keep my legs still at night. I just have to move them.
28. I awaken with sore or aching muscles.
29. Thoughts race through my mind and this prevents me from sleeping.
30. I wake up during the night and can’t go back to sleep.
31. I worry about things and have trouble relaxing.
32. I wake up earlier in the morning then I would like to.
33. I lie awake for a half an hour or more before I fall asleep.
34. I feel sad and depressed. I feel afraid to go to sleep.

Score Yourself:
Questions 1-10: These symptoms describe people with Sleep Apnea, a potentially life-threatening disorder which causes you to stop breathing during your sleep.

Questions 11-17: These symptoms are experienced by people with Narcolepsy, a lifelong disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks during the day.

Questions 18-23: These are symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux, a disorder caused when stomach acid “backs up” into the throat during the night.

Questions 24-28: These symptoms describe Nocturnal Myoclonus or Restless Legs Syndrome, a disorder characterized by pain or “crawling” sensations in the legs.

Questions 29-34: These symptoms are experienced by people with Insomnia, a persistent inability to fall asleep or stay asleep.

For more information, contact:
Hays Medical Center Sleep and Neurodiagnostic

Remember that the test you have just completed describes symptoms that are similar to those of individuals with sleep disorders. It is intended as a general source of educational information and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment. Your physician can refer you to the HMC Sleep and Neurodiagnostic Institute, where you can be assured that you will get an in-depth evaluation by highly qualified medical personnel.