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Patient Comments

April 2019

Where do I start? Everyone was great. Amber is still my favorite I stayed twice and she remembered me and we were just like old friends. Always there to talk to me when I need her! Tina she too is awesome we became good friends the first time I was here and we still are! She was always so busy at night but came super fast when I called for her. She took very good care of me.

Baylee, very sweet girl, she’s a keeper! She was spot on with my bed pan. She got it every time. I was always glad to see her. She’s friendly and we always had something to talk about. Carolyn [ob./gyn] she works with babies so she was very mothering! Who doesn’t want to be taken care of by their “mom.” Nice lady!

Sonja, she was great, very gentle. She went through what I am going through twice! She knew how to move me as pain free as possible. We had some very nice talks that made me feel so much better. Lauren always said something to me when she saw me even if she wasn’t my nurse. She made me feel like her sister. Sweet girl!

Kinsay, very caring lady. She loves to spoil me! She helps me do anything. I am uncomfortable asking for help on something she wants to do everything for me! She makes sure all my needs are made. PS. If you tell her about what I said tell her “ she’ll make headlines some day!!” she will know what it means.

Shaila, she was a lifesaver! I was so itchy one night and she came in and put lotion all over me. So nice… Nick my first male nurse and of course I had a bm! Not only one but four times. He was very respectful, he was so sweet I didn’t feel so weird! Jason from LAB all though I hate needles he was very good and quick. He never missed or hurt me!

Dr. Max DeCarvalho – very informative and explains everything you ask. He is very thorough; shows any part of MRI and CT Scan you ask about. Like his temperament and bedside manner. Hopefully surgery is a success! I’m sure it will be.

Rebecca, PA for Dr. Max – great personal career! Listens and explains all questions. Knows her work. Would make a good doctor!

Shannon (works with insurance) was very helpful. She worked very hard and made lots of calls to get somewhere closer to home. I’m moving on! I will miss everyone so much. I feel like they are my friends. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Brenda, PCT, day shift – prompt, great personality, considerate, good attitude, very helpful. Braylen, PCT, night shift, smiles a lot and is great as well. All very prompt, the PCTs taking care of me.

Lauren, nurses on day shift, love her attitude and personality. Works hard and is prompt. I forgot things to ask for and she returned right after I asked for it. Checks on you… one of the best nurses.

Paul, nurse at night was very busy but got him to talk. Very nice attitude. Shaila, PCT on nights was very pleasant and helpful, nice to talk to. Jennifer, Respiratory Therapist was very intelligent and knowledgeable. Explained everything I asked and informed me of things that I thought were more accurate than other therapists in different business told me. Very pleasant personality. Emely, she was in housekeeping. Very nice lady, easy to talk to. She made sure my personal things were kept together. Always watched out for my plant!

March 2019

I am sorry I do not know the names of the individuals that took care of me. But I do want to say I had wonderful, professional, comforting care from all I was in contact with. The entire staff responsible for my care were very courteous and polite and made my stay there a very good experience considering the reason I was there.

Feb 2019

I was completely satisfied with all my treatments and with all the people involved. Everyone I was in contact with was helpful and kind. The facilities were clean and kept up even during some very bad weather that coincided with my stay. Thanks to everyone!

My RN Molli was amazing. She was caring, empathetic and sensitive. Great at explaining things that were going to happen and always answering my questions, before I could even ask. She is a blessing.

November 2018

In the las 30 hours here at HaysMed I have had the best nurses and aides that anyone could every ask for. Amber and the night nurse (can’t remember her name) did their very best to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted to make my stay exceptionally good out of a bad situation. I have had the best care and would recommend this facility to everyone

I would like to give a special thanks to the nurses – Amber and Shelby and staff Brenda for their outstanding care of my brother. Their professionalism and abilities were worthy of praise and recognition. I realize how difficult patients can be after surgery and during recovery/rehab they went above and beyond. Thank you and God Bless.

Excellent personal care, with attention to detail.

We had great care by Dr. Max DeCarvalho and his staff for my spinal surgery. Also, by the staff on the joint floor where I stayed. Shelby Rohr stood out as very caring and on top of my after-surgery care.

The care I received at the Bone, Joint, and Spine Center during my stay (4/3/18- 4/5/18) for a knee replacement was exceptional. I want to especially say thank you to my nurses Amber and Kim, who I felt went above and beyond. They were wonderful.

Had a very pleasant experience. Good staff and RNs. Surgical staff is top notch. Very nice facility.

I got well taken care of and got my needs met. I had my leg operation and my night nurse she set with me. I like pain chart—good. I would stay again and tell others about hospital. It is nice to get milk at my meals.

Everybody was excellent. Everybody laughed at my jokes even though I’m not a comedian or great speller. I enjoyed my stay.

Everyone that worked with me was very good. All nice and friendly. I was more awake today and Amber was great. I will continue to come to HaysMed.

I am leaving very happy, all doctors and nurses treat me with respect and everybody was very nice. Thank you everybody please keep it like that.
I really liked PT. Joyce, she was so good and we liked OC. Pam. She was so friendly and good.

We are very happy with the stay and the wonderful care we received from the staff at the Bone, Joint and Spine center. Special thanks to the most wonderful nurse, Amber. Thank you for being so kind, caring and empathetic. You truly are an example and inspiration to nursing! We will never forget your kindness! God bless you, always!

The care I have received here has been awesome. From the moment I arrived I was kept well informed and felt compassion from all of the staff. Having been on the floor I have enjoyed watching the excellent teamwork and happy staff which made me a happy patient. Being informed about what is happening has made a huge difference. I would recommend this facility to anyone. Don’t have the room to list all of the wonderful staff but they all should have an A+.

September 2016

My husband and I really thought that everyone had an exceptional attitude. Amber was wonderful. I am looking forward to my next surgery. Than you everyone.

All in Bone/Joint/Spine were kind and caring. All the while delivering technical excellence. Thanks.
I had a great experience with my mocrodiscectomy. All the staff were very helpful, knowledgeable and receptive to my comfort. So far, the day after my surgery my pain has been almost completely irradiated. Thanks to Dr. Sharma and his expertise.

I would most definitely return to this hospital for any medical procedures in the future. An a huge thanks to my nurses for their care and support. All in all, I would rate my experience a 10/10. Great Job Hays Med!

I truly appreciate the great care I received from the time I got here throughout my stay. Everyone was prompt and very thoughtful. Thank you for everything.

March 2016

Excellent care provided by Dr. Lee, nurses Tina, Kim, Al, Amber and aides Katrina, Payton. No complaints. Connie is an aide and others whose names escape me.

Amber, Kim, Laura – so helpful caring and know their job and are very good at it. You guys are the reason we wanted to come back. A+++

February 2016

Very good medical staff. All are very helpful and very good at what they do. Thank you all for your great service.

Your nursing staff was wonderful. I have to admit Connie your PCT was my favorite. I would recommend this hospital to everyone. I chose you because you replaced my knee for me and I have never had a problem of any kind. You’re on top of your game. Thank you very much.

Everything went great and everyone was upbeat and personable.

Good staff. Nurse Brecken was very good and at her job. A joy to be around.

The entire nursing staff and the doctors were wonderful. I found the nursing staff caring, very attentive, friendly and always happy. The doctors were very educated and caring also. I felt comfortable. I would choose HaysMed overall!

Dr. Grove was very professional and answered all my questions. May Beth was my nurse and was very sweet and tried to keep me comfortable and also answered all my questions and was very patient with me. All staff was very kind and understanding. Thank you.

*I had a total knee replacement on January 18. All the staff here at the bone, joint and spine center have been and were very understanding, knowledgeable and very informative! The day nurse Amber went the extra mile to help me with my pain and showed me how to make the best of my stay here. She makes sure that her patients are comfortable and well taken care of.

January 2016

*All the nurses have been real friendly and helpful and give me the best care I could get going forward so I can go home.

*We have had excellent care!! So thankful for all the nurses and physical therapists and occupational therapists!! Dr. Lee, Dr. Hemphill, Amber our nurses we love them!! Amazing!!..Thank you for the top care. Love David with physical therapy.

*The visit to your hospital has been amazing. All of the staff from doctors down to nurses, OT, PT, and everyone has been fantastic. I’m pretty sure you may have the best staff of anyone hospital in the nation. Everyone I’ve had contact with has been kind, caring and very helpful. My recovery from hip surgery has been better than I could expect. Partially because of your wonderful staff.

*Care was very, very good. Everything was explained to me very good. Services were very well done.

*The nurses, doctors, therapists have all been so wonderful since the moment we walked through the front doors. We could not have asked for better care. The amount of personality and hospitality blew all of our expectations out of the water. HaysMed is wonderful. PS…Nurses aids were so much fun and did a stellar job for us!

*Excellent care. I appreciate the care and concern everyone showed me.

*Amber Thompson gave me exceptional care while staying at HMC. She was gentle, knowledgeable and caring. I was most impressed with the HMC staff. They were very friendly and caring in all aspects of my care. Had lower back surgery from Doctor Sharma. I would highly recommend him and his staff. God Bless you All!!

*The staff is very helpful and truly cares for their patients. Lauren and Amber have both went the extra mile to provide comfort and assist with all needs. We would recommend HMC to our family and friends.

December 2015

*Highly satisfied with all the care and concern for my health and well being.

*Excellent care from all staff – very professional – no complaints. Will recommend HaysMed to others.

*All of the ladies were very helpful to me. I never had to wait – they were right there when I needed them. They were the best nurses I have ever had. I had an awesome stay at this hospital. Thank you so much.

*The entire staff that cared for me was more than awesome, never belittled me in any way. Always felt comfortable. I felt like I could ask questions and that they were answered honestly and it/they were not hurrying to get me out of the way. Thank you everyone for all your awesomeness. Have a great Holiday. God Bless You All.

*Thank you – all staff has been very professional, caring and pleasant. Rating – 10

*I want to commend HaysMed and the Bone, Joint and Spine Center on the exceptional care I received when I had back surgery. I found all the staff to be very communicative about my surgery and care. The nurses in the BJS Center were always there if I needed anything, efficient and great care givers. I felt very well taken care of . I would highly recommend your hospital and the center.

Excellence in Orthopedic Care

Welcome to the Bone, Joint & Spine Center – your first stop on the journey back to orthopedic health and pain-free living. As the heart of the HaysMed Orthopedic Institute, we connect you to the best surgical and non-surgical options, before and after care, rehabilitation, and home care options. From the initial evaluation to your return home, we’ll help you go the distance – all the way back to the life you love.

Here, our team of fellowship-trained orthopedic physicians and surgeons will diagnose your condition and evaluate your treatment needs. We collaborate with your local primary care team and our extensive network of providers here at HaysMed, and our patient care navigators provide personalized guidance for every surgical patient.

As the region’s only DNV-GL certified Hip & Knee Replacement Center, we bring you the most advanced procedures for total hip and knee replacement, as well as minimally invasive and 24-hour outpatient orthopedic procedures and care. Our orthopedic experts also specialize in shoulder replacement, hand, foot, ankle and spine surgery. Offering the only comprehensive spine care and spine surgery program in western Kansas, our team at the Bone, Joint & Spine Center specializes in the treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine conditions, including musculoskeletal problems, disc problems and degenerative disease, spinal deformities, fracture, and trauma.

Your experience at the HaysMed Bone, Joint & Spine Center combines clinical excellence with a comfortable, healing environment. You will receive dedicated care before, during and after your surgery. Everything is designed to get you back to the life you love.


The Bone, Joint & Spine Center has many unique features that make it stand out from a typical hospital stay.

*Smaller unit, which allows more one-on-one time for you with the staff
*For the most part the same nurses will be caring for you throughout your stay
*Commitment to helping you control pain following surgery and with physical therapy
*Individual patient education so you can achieve the best results from your surgery, recover quicker and get back to your activities
*Focus on independence through rehabilitation

Available Procedures

*Total Knee Replacement
*Total Hip Replacement
*Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement
*Total Shoulder Replacement
*Spine Surgery

Patient Education

SWARM Interactive is a collection of animated orthopedic procedures. Click HERE to view SWARM Interactive to choose from a variety of procedures that may be of interest to you.

Bone, Joint & Spine Center Providers

Max De Carvalho, MD

Max De Carvalho, MD

Orthopedics, Spine Surgery
Sam Elzay, PA

Sam Elzay, PA

Ethan Fort, PA

Ethan Fort, PA

Jared Reed, PA-C

Jared Reed, PA-C

Wally Walstrom, DO

Wally Walstrom, DO

Orthopedics, Sports Medicine