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The DeBakey Heart Institute at HaysMed is your destination for specialized cardiac care. Our physicians and surgeons collaborate closely with your primary care team to ensure seamless cardiac care where you live, work and play. From screening to emergency care, surgery, cardiac rehab and more, we provide specialized expertise you can count on – so you can keep your heart close to home.

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Screenings require a physician’s order. 

DeBakey Heart Institute offers cardiovascular screenings in convenient locations in the region. Locations and fees are included in each cities information. Learn More…

DeBakey Heart Institute

There’s no need to drive hours from your home for top-flight heart care – either for life-saving emergencies, or for the life-affirming care that follows. Hays Medical Center’s full-service heart program was developed under the guiding hand of the “father of heart surgery” Dr. Michael DeBakey. The program includes two full-time cardiac catheterization labs, cardiovascular screening and stress testing, nuclear cardiology, and cardiac rehabilitation. See our full list of services here.

Dedicated Staff

The DeBakey Heart Institute offers our region a distinguished staff of nine with specialties in cardiology, including six MDs. Five cardiology visiting specialists provide additional areas of focus. Meet our cardiology team here.

Accreditations for Excellence

Our Chest Pain Center is the only Accredited Chest Pain Center in western Kansas, providing superior emergency and cardiac care. HaysMed is also the first hospital in Kansas to be certified as a Primary Stroke Center hospital by DNV Healthcare, recognizing our dedication to the latest and most rapid care possible for stroke victims.

Comprehensive cardiac services, superior skills and attentive care are why patients from Phillipsburg to Dodge City, Colby to Great Bend look to Hays Medical Center for the finest heart center care.

“I have been in Hays Med Center five or six times as a patient and I have always had very good care. Kind and considerate people. The Cardiac Unit is top notch. We are lucky to have this hospital in western Kansas. I have been in Wichita, KC Med Center, … Denver Presbyterian, Oakley, Colby, and Goodland. I would highly recommend your Cardiac Care Center.”

Our caring attention continues after cardiac surgery to help patients achieve their fullest recovery. Patients receive one-on-one nursing care in ICU. A respiratory therapist is also assigned to each patient following surgery. After ICU, patients move to a dedicated cardiology step-down unit where they continue cardiac rehab until ready for discharge.

“We received excellent care. Charles has been in several different hospitals and considers his time in yours as having the ‘best care.’ Nurses were excellent … which saved a lot of stress on him and me, his wife.”

Outreach Clinics

The DeBakey Heart Institute offers outreach clinics in Colby, Great Bend, Hill City, Lacrosse, Larned, Norton, Osborne, Plainville, Phillipsburg, Quinter, Russell, Scott City, Smith Center and Wakeeney.

Admissions and Referrals

Referrals to the DeBakey Heart Institute may be initiated by the primary care physician or other allied health professional. The heart program at HaysMed is committed to including referring physicians in the decision-making process and keeping them updated on the patient’s status. We strive to return patients promptly to their local community hospitals and health care providers for ongoing care. We also accept self-referrals.

“The staff at the Hays Medical Center is the best. This is where you need to be when you have a problem. My wife and I could not ask for more. We thank you very, very much for all your help.”

Chest Pain Center

If you or a loved one experience chest pain or other early warning signs of heart attack, your best care is available with HaysMed – the only Accredited Chest Pain Center in western Kansas. To become an Accredited Chest Pain Center, HaysMed was rigorously evaluated by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC) for our ability to assess, diagnose and treat patients who could be experiencing a heart attack.

Our team of heart center professionals is available 24/7 to get you the care you need – NOW. We work with the emergency team in beginning heart care treatment while you are still in route to the hospital. Our training helps ensure that we can save precious minutes when every second counts in the race to stop the damage caused by a heart attack and, in many cases, even reverse it. Fast, expert action, combined with our thorough follow-up care, mean you may return to a full, active life in days instead of weeks or months.

Electrophysiology/Cardiac Ablation

HaysMed’s DeBakey Heart Institue offers the specialized skills of electrophysiologists – cardiologists who specialize in the heart’s electrical functions. One common condition they treat is cardiac arrhythmia, in which the heart beats with an irregular or abnormal rhythm. While some arrhythmias are harmless, others such as atrial fibrillation (AFib) can be life threatening. Cardiac ablation is a non-surgical treatment for AFib in which your HaysMed electrophysiologist uses energy or extreme cold to destroy the cells that cause abnormal electrical signals causing cardiac arrhythmia. Tissue treated with cardiac ablation helps get your heartbeat regular again.

Cardiac Stents/Catheterization

Cardiac stents are tube-shaped devices that offer a means for opening up blockage in heart arteries without requiring surgery. Cardiac stents are shown to reduce chest pain and improve survivability. In our cardiac catheterization labs, our HaysMed cardiologists use angiography to asses the location and size of arterial blockages. Using balloon cardiac catheterization, the stent is placed in the proper location and expanded to the artery’s original diameter, thus improving blood flow. HaysMed has available the Impella, the world’s smallest heart pump, which allows the application of cardiac stents in patients otherwiswe too sick to undergo cardiac surgery.

Stroke Center

HaysMed is the first hospital in Kansas to be certified as a Primary Stroke Center hospital by DNV Healthcare. This certification validates our dedication to the latest and most rapid care possible for stroke victims.The three-year certification from DNV Healthcare – a hospital accreditation organization with some of the toughest standards in health care – means HaysMed’s stroke response staff follows the best methods to fast-track patients suspected of stroke so doctors can begin brain-saving treatments immediately.

Cardiovascular Screening – Early Detection is Vital

Among Americans, the four most common vascular diseases are atrial fibrillation, carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease and aortic aneurysms. They are also the ones that produce the most potential for death and disability.

In most cases, early detection allows vascular disease to be treated effectively. The DeBakey Heart Institute offers several simple screening tests that detect these problems. All tests are non-invasive and painless. Screenings are available in Hays, Atwood, Ransom, Dighton and Hill City. The tests do not require a physicians referral and the fees vary depending upon the tests. To schedule a screening please call 1855-HAYSMED (1-855-429-7633) or you can request an appointment online.

Tests Include:

Atrial Fibrillation – Checks for cardiac arrhythmias (available in Hays only).

Peripheral Arterial Disease – Checks for your risk of having blockages in the leg arteries.

Stroke Scan – Uses the carotid ultrasound with doppler to look inside the carotid arteries to detect early signs of plaque build-up.

Aortic Aneurysm Scan – Looks for abdominal aortic aneurysm. Aneurysm or ballooning of the artery wall may cause the artery to burst.


Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Clinic

The DeBakey Heart Institute’s PAD clinic provides patients with screening, diagnosis and management of suspected or established peripheral arterial disease and varicose veins.

Dr. Mohammed Janif and Dr. Niranjan Seshadri specialize in peripheral artery disease. They perform diagnostic and therapeutic peripheral angiograms and vascular interventions including percutaneous balloon angioplasty and stents. These patients will be seen in a special PAD clinic for a detailed comprehensive vascular assessment.

Who can benefit

  • Patients with pain in lower extremities.
  • Patients with non-healing wounds of lower extremities.
  • High-risk patients with history of diabetes and smoking with leg pain symptoms.
  • Patients with varicose veins.


  • Diagnostic and therapeutic peripheral angiogram.
  • Vascular Interventions: Percutaneous balloon angioplasty and stenting.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Cardiac Rehabilitation helps reduce cardiovascular risk through a program of exercise and education. After you’ve had a heart attack or medical procedure, many doctors recommend a cardiac rehab program to help you return to better health. Cardiac rehabilitation is designed to improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and offers education to help reduce the risk of future heart problems.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a program for those who are suffering from mild to severe pulmonary disease. It is provided as an outpatient service over a period 8 to 36 sessions.  Patients learn vital keys to living with diseases like: emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and recovery from lung surgeries or lung reductions.

Patient Comments

April 2019

You have an exceptional staff.  The staff of the DeBakey Heart Center always go above and beyond to make my stay in your facility as comfortable as possible.  I am truly blessed to have your caring and very polite staff to tend to me in my time of need.  I always have very awesome results from your staff.  I am truly blessed to have their care for sure.

The care received at the DeBakey Center this past week for my pacemaker was very good.

From my stay in room 2222 started Feb 22 and Feb 26 I was treated with the best care from RNs and CNAs, a few names – Susan, Desirea, Tara, also DeAnn, Odalis, Ayla and Izzy.  These women cared for me around the clock with the upmost care and professionalism.  During my stay I had several people come in to ask if I had any questions concerning my medical health and care.  The folks running the CAT SCANs, echo cardiogram, as well as the stress test were also top notch.  Dr. Kayla Gray was extremely knowledgeable with regard to my condition and did a fantastic job of counseling me on my options.

March 2019

I had a heart cath today and everyone was so polite and nice to me. All the help you could ever need and ask for. I trust everyone here and am very satisfied with everything they do for me. I could not ask for anything better. This is the same as my open heart in 2012. Very good. Thank you all

February 2016

All of the nurses and tech aids did a great job. All of them made me feel like I was in great care. All my needs were taking care of.

We were in room 2211 the first part of Feb and the 18th was room 2207. We received excellent care. Charles has been in several different hospitals and considers his time in your as having the “best care”. Nurses were excellent getting him his pills for his other illness Parkinson on time which saved a lot of stress on him and me, his wife.

Everyone was extremely kind and caring. My nurse Darleen was excellent in all aspects. I couldn’t be more pleased with my stay here.

I’ve been in about every unit. Cancer Center, Emergency Room, Miller Pavilion, Surgical Care, Debakey, , The Center…everywhere. Doctors, nurses are wonderful. Chemo nurses A+. Actually it is an A+ staff and hospital. Keep up the good work!

I have been very happy. Everybody has been so good to me. I owe them all that helped me. Ever the Cath lab workers.

We were well pleased with the care of doctors and staff. Couldn’t have asked for better care.

Super, Super Care! Thanks to the nurses Martha and Trisha.

I had a great experience in Hays. Everyone was awesome. They treated me well and took great care of me while there. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to be there more than I have wanted, each time I have had excellent care. I just want to thank all the doctors and staff that took care of me.

Everyone was amazing and kind. So glad I was brought here. Feel so much better. Very caring – EVERYONE I came in contact with.

Everyone was very nice. Caroline, Terry, Pat, Chuck, Ross – Were excellent.

I was in the hospital for approximately 10 days. I received outstanding care from Dr. Thapa, Dr. Katwal, Dr. Ashworth, Mary Jo, Dr. Reznick, Lesa, all else I forgot to mention. Your facility is top notch! I thank God Dr. Ashworth was available to perform my surgery. She is amazing! I am so thankful for May Jo! The woman has a heart of gold! She is an outstanding health care provider. I would not be here today writing this if not for all the healthcare providers pulling together as a team to get me on the road to recover. I love them all and they all hold a special place in my heart. God Bless each of them!! Thank you.

Every nurse that I was in contact with treated me with respect. Everyone working in the heart unit was excellent. Would recommend the DeBakey unit to whoever might need their services.

January 2016

All staff treated me with great care and respect. Procedure was done in timely manner. My family member was kept informed of my condition. Overall it was a good service and I felt I was in capable hands.

Excellent care

I received very efficient and polite care.

Excellent Medical Care – Good Food!

Outstanding…everyone has been and gone above and beyond. Thank you.

I was totally given excellent medical care by all staff. I would recommend all heart patient to this DeBakey Faiclities. Allwere friendly, patient and caring.

All the nurses in ER and DeBakey are very nice. Tammy was excellent! She was very helpful and accommodating even with a 4 am check-in.

The care you gave me was excellent!

October 2015

Very professional in the procedure. Went well and timeline was on schedule. Nurses and Dr. Thapa explained procedure well. I am most satisfied. Hope every effort is made to retain this professional staff.

Everyone was very nice and helpful and made my stay as comfortable as it could be. Patrick was very nice and attentive.

Received great care; medical and nursing staff were kind, courteous, helpful, answered questions clearly and provided clear instructions for post-op care and follow up. Family waiting room was also comfortable. Overall pleasant experience.

Care received was excellent! Doctors explained procedures and tests. Both doctors have great bedside manner. Chris was so helpful and answered all questions in a kind and clear manner. All nurses, aides were super. Thanks.

I was totally impressed with the help you gave ma on a room for me and my friend that drove me. As far as the doctors, nurses and doctor assistants – I don’t think they could do a better job of taking care of me. I would not want to be treated anywhere else but here. Thank you for being patient, considerate and just a wonderful group of people. God Bless You ALL!

March 2015

I was brought to you from Great Bend by ambulance because I had a heart attack. I was in room 2215. Cindy was my day nurse and she was great. It was the first time we met but she treated and took care of me as if I was a part of the family. She is totally awesome, the very best and she kept me at ease always. Thanks for going beyond just being a good nurse.

Katie, the nurse, and Jenn were very quick and helpful. Katie helped answer all my questions about a new treatment I was to have. Dr. Ashworth was very prompt to see me which I appreciated. Brenda also helped set my next appointment right away. Gretchen and Heidi who did my lower extremity sono were also great! They were super friendly. Gretchen explained everything to me which was helpful.

I was very satisfied with everything and everyone here. I had the upmost care and everyone was very friendly and professional. All the nurses were great and bent over backwards to take care of me. Dr. Janif is the greatest. He is a true professional and has the best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced. Thank you everyone. Your facilities are fantastic!

I was at CPCU. My entire experience there was superb and very positive! Dr. Fisher and Dr. Janif and their surgical team was superb! Charge nurses Trisha, Allison, and Autumn were superb! Nursing staff was superb! Food was great. Maintenance was great. Administrative was great. I really appreciate the fine care.

The staff at the Hays Medical Center is the best. This is where you need to be when you have a problem. My wife and I could not ask for more. We both thank you very, very much for all your help.

Crystal is exceptional. She is very kind and caring, always there for you. A+++.  Marie also goes out of her way for the comfort of her patient. All of the nurses and all staff, including cleaning, were of top grade. They made me feel at home and accepted. I can’t say enough for these people. They make me proud and grateful to have such a facility in Hays.

Feb 2015

I have been in Hays Med Center 5 or 6 times as a patient and I have always had very good care. Kind and considerate people. The Cardiac Unit is top notch. We are lucky to have this hospital in western KS. I have been in Wichita, KC Med Center, University of Washington Med Center, Tucson Med Center, Denver Presbyterian, Oakley, Colby, and Goodland. I would highly recommend your Cardiac Care Center.

My mother received treatment while in Hays. Thank you all to the professional team who provided awesome service. I am so impressed with this facility and medical team and staff.

Every staff member was courteous and efficient! They answered questions and assisted us with every request. Thanks for letting my wife stay overnight in my room. Her ‘couch bed’ was comfortable!

We are thankful for the great care we received from the HMC staff. Nurses Shannon and Tammy have been ‘exceptional’, taking time and listening and giving great care, especially right after the heart cath! We appreciate Dr. Thapa’s thoughtful help and Dr. Curtis going beyond the norm! Great job!

Excellent care. Staff always friendly. Doctors communicate well. Information explained well. Feel like I am taken care of well here. Thank you!

I was in for blood clots. Nurses were the best ever and cannot say anything bad about any of them. Answered call light immediately, very friendly, very good in their jobs. Only comment was maintenance doing drilling across my room at 10:30 at night. Know these things have to be done, but could be at an earlier time in the evening. Once I used the call light and a man dressed up came in to answer. I said you’re not a nurse, who are you? His name was Brian and he was a supervisor. He was so nice and fixed my IV pole. Then he stayed and visited with us. So caring. I worked at HMC for 20 years and still think it’s the best in care. Also very clean.

Patty, Morgan and Arin were all exceptionally fantastic. They were all professional, yet made me feel very comfortable. Makes staying more enjoyable when they can laugh with you. Thanks to all of them for treating us so well.

The care was very, very good. The employees are the best. The cleaning of the Medical Center is very nice and is done so well. The food is outstanding. The nurse staff and the caregivers are so good. Just want to say thank you for the care and understanding all that in need and how each member of the staff from nursing, dining, cleaning, respiratory, and all other help. Thank you.

From ER staff, EKG techs, nurses on 2nd floor, lab personnel, Dr. Freeman, Barb and other aides to the friendly dietary staff…a job well done with friendliness. Each was great and treated me and my husband with great TLC. I felt that I was the only patient. Forget the past, this stay was great. They all made me feel special. If I ever come back I hope I have all of them here for me. Thank you.

Everyone at Hays Med was so wonderful! From the minute I walked into the ER, everyone was so courteous and helpful. All the nurses were so kind, making me feel safe and welcome. All of the doctors were patient and helpful in understanding my condition. I want to thank Dr. Payne, Susie Pfannenstiel, Dr. Gray, Dr. Freeman, and everyone who made my stay comfortable.

I have been very satisfied with the service. Dr’s and nurses responsive with call light. Very courteously quiet at night time with meds and blood draws, etc. and this is the only hospital I have been to that you don’t hear that LOUD intercom sound. Thank you very much for the care I have received.

Everyone was great here, very friendly, thorough, caring. There was a RN here last night that was explaining everything. He was exceptional in his knowledge. Not sure of name, but he was from Colorado. He was top dog! But everyone was exceptional. Enjoyed my stay here but glad to go home. Doctor today was good in info and treatment.

Carol in surgery today was awesome. She explained things very well that I could know what to expect. She went the extra mile. Her partner was also very good. Big thanks to the whole team.

Jan 2015

Thank you so much for the care you gave me. It was a joyful place to be. Everyone was so friendly and most everyone had a smile and showed love by their offerings of God’s love. The joking was so great. They showed the love they had for me. Keep all the smiles and love.

My wife and I were most satisfied by the fine care we received in the emergency room and in the hospital. Everyone seemed happy and seemed happy to help us. Our nurse, Tricia, was most helpful and we appreciated it.

Very excellent care. Best staff I’ve had taking care of me.

This is for Chuck. He was very, very, wonderful for my Father-in-law in room 2214. Dad can be feisty and constantly wanting to go to bed, then to the chair. I certainly could not have that patient. He always does the best care with a kind demeanor, never without a caring smile. My husband and I couldn’t ask for any better with outstanding professional care. He seems to love his job. I feel whoever else he cares for would definitely agree. So thank him. The second floor employees were very courteous as well.

My stay here was fantastic! All the doctors, nurses, and staff were amazing. Special thanks to Dr. Anaya, Dr. Lesa, Zach, Deb, Danielle, and everyone that entered room.

My husband and I have been completely satisfied with all the staff. They are very friendly, considerate, and took care of me in every respect when I needed anything or any help. We can’t single anyone out in particular, all did a great job. As well as seeing to it that I had a shower and everything else. Thank you so much!

Staff was extremely friendly, attentive, and explained everything well. I would definitely recommend hays Med to anyone in need. Very thorough staff.

Dec 2014

I just want to thank you for such outstanding care while I was in the hospital. Everyone was so good to me. Everyone made me feel very special. They were friendly, just like I was a long, lost friend. I can’t think of a thing you need to change. Keep up the excellent work. It sure shows. May God bless each and everyone who works for Hays Med.

Thank you all for the outstanding care. Your kindness and excellent care made my stay very pleasant. The nurses and PCT’s were all so kind and professional. Huge thanks to Marcie, Jessie, Allie, and Trisha. There was one more PCT that I can’t remember her name, I think Candell. The techs were also fantastic. This has been one of my most enjoyable stays.

Great service from all sweet ladies. Thanks.

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Would recommend to anyone to come here.

Best care you could have anywhere.

Everyone I had contact with was very professional, attentive, and congenial. Everyone is  special and treated me and my family as if we were special as well.

My care was excellent. My nurse Katelyn was caring and informative. Felt very comfortable unlike any other time. She’s a keeper. Barb, the aide, was also wonderful.

Patty, Claire, and Katelyn-all RN’s- are angels. They, along with the rest of the staff, took excellent care of me. They took care of all of my needs and explained everything they were going to do. Thank you very much. Also a big thank you to Dr. Janif for his kindness and great hands. Also his staff was excellent.  I will pass the good word. Again, many thanks.

While a patient in Hays Med in the CPCU unit, I received excellent care. I was especially fond of Jessie the RN. She always explained everything to me in a way I could understand it. Your Dr. Patel is wonderful. A very down to earth and understanding doctor. Everyone was great.

Care was excellent. Thank you!  Dietary-great food! Only in Hays can you get potatoes and dumplings. Yummy! All employees willing to help or answer questions when asked.

Nurses Patty, Todd, and Katelyn have been wonderful! PCT Aubrey and Barb were also very nice. Thank you for making this time at the hospital more bearable.

I had good care. Nurses were real good. Your admission was very good. We will be back when we need you.

I would like to say that even though I had a short stay, all your staff and personnel are to be commended for their professionalism and for creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Nov 2014

Patrick was professional and helpful. Dr. Carter was thorough and detailed. Other caregivers were also professional and helpful.

Very good, nice, and helpful Nurse Kelli!

I have totally enjoyed my stay with your center, and do not wish to single out any one staff member but want to stress that all the staff on both the day and night shift was totally knowledgeable in their jobs and a complete pleasure to have be my caregivers. As a result of this, I have requested that my primary care business be moved to your Great Bend facility and that my Heart Care be assigned to your Hays Branch.Patty L and Kelsey were very tuned into and compassionate to the needs of my wife. The people in the emergency room gave Good care. Susie Pfannenstiel and Dr. Hemphill get A+!

The hospital was clean and very nice. All of the personnel were great. My wife really enjoyed visiting with my first nurse, Trisha. They’re ‘shirt tail’ relatives and have a love of horses in common! Food was good. Not a thing to complain about. Thank you!

I was very satisfied how I was treated by everybody here, especially Barb and Jessi.

The care I received in CPCU was excellent. The staff was all very good and gave me such good care. I think I would like to recognize Marcy on the night shift and Jenna PCT.

Oct 2014

I would like to brag on Meredith (DeBakey Night RN). She was so compassionate and helpful she put me totally at ease and I felt as though she REALLY cared about ME!  The rest of the staff that I interacted with were all really good. Cardiologist Anaya and Carter were both awesome, informative, and caring. Overall my stay was very positive.

Very good nurses – Crystal and Todd. All the assistants were attentive and competent. Room was clean and staff was helpful.

I had great care. The nuses I had were exceptional. Took good care of me and very friendly.

Cardiac floor is the best. Very good help in the aides, nurses, meals, etc.

While I was at HMC I had wonderful care from the nurses and all the staff. I can’t remember all the names so please thank the nurses on the 2nd floor. Meredith and Sandy were two very good examples. Occupational Therapy Alicia and Ross helped me so much. This is very lucky to have such a nice hospital.

My nurses, Todd and Chris, were excellent. Helpers Austin and Jaimee were very willing to help. Room was clean. Dr. Anaya and Mary Jo were excellent in their care. Special thanks to Todd for walking the Artery Leakage.

Joyce in Sono is to be recognized for her excellent care and professionalism. While in her care I had an allergic reaction. She handled this quickly while I was in a serious condition. Joye, the RN, in the Cardiac Unit took over my care after coming to the unit from the allergic reaction I had in Sono. She was a very caring person, checking in on me, being very professional. It was nice. She cared and checked in on me many times.

Everyone went out of their way to make my stay comfortable, especially Dr. Ashworth.

I was very pleased with everything and everyone I encountered. Cindy and Darleen were especially kind and helpful. Anissa was excellent. Dr’s Aneya and Carter and their team were of course excellent.

We couldn’t be happier with the surgeon, doctor, nursing staff, and the hospital for the care I received during my recent stay. The attitude of everyone there makes you feel like you really care about your patients and that you like your jobs! Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received.

Everyone was as nice this time around as they were the first time. They make it not as traumatic as it could be. Very professional.

Debie Snook from Ransom-an unsung hero. Vetrieh, housekeeper, has labored long, keeping things clean and in good order. Effective and faithful at what she does. Some jobs last long after the glammer fades. Everyone expects clean standards in the hospital. Some of us do not realize all that it takes, all too seldom is gratitude expressed, yet all deficiencies are quickly noticed. Certainly the ‘running gear’ of the HaysMed rides on the integrity and performance of many such employees, quietly doing their work. Give her a hug and a thank you.

All the staff and doctors were very caring and helpful. I will be letting everyone I know that I was well cared for and would go back again.

You have exceptional employees. Very helpful and willing to go above and beyond for their patient. Cathy McGinnes RN was outstanding! The doctors were very willing to explain to us.

Thanks to all, the care was great. Thanks to ER doctor, TJ, Todd, Danielle and Kelsey. Everyone was kind and extremely professional. Food was great too.” (CPCU Department)

My mother had the best care. It was so refreshing to find healthcare professionals who truly love their jobs. We never found one individual to be unhappy and were glad to attend her needs. I know at times she can be difficult, but all the RN’s were exceptional. Mom really appreciated Sheila, Lindsey, Jessi, and many others whose names escape us. The PCT’s were all wonderful. Give our thanks to everyone that made today possible. Paul was a god-send too! Dr. Janif is awesome and Mom truly liked Dr Potter. We will be back.

The care was perfect. Everyone so friendly, so caring. Hospitals aren’t my favorite place to stay. I was treated like royalty by every department I was in.

I just wanted to say that there are not enough words to explain how I feel. When I arrived at the hospital, I was met with kind and friendly staff people. When I arrived in my room, I was put at ease and felt that I was in very good hands. Each person from the cleaning staff to the doctors was very kind and understanding. If I need to be in a hospital again, I will choose HaysMed Center. Thank you so very much for all your help. May my Lord God bless each and every one of you.

Every staff member was exceptional. It is difficult to remember everyone’s names. Some that I do remember are: Stephanie, Cathy, Dr. Freeman, Anissa, and the night nurse. There is no reason to complain. Thank you for helping me feel better.

Overall excellent nursing care. Every nurse we had exceeded expectations. Patty, Patty Lawson, Allison, Nick and Crystal – great job! Very caring…can’t teach that in school! Big Les! Awesome! Best phlebotomist – Eric Estrada! Love Dr. Simen, very caring!

Everyone was very caring and nice to be around, from housekeeping on up. The nurses were very professional and PCT awesome. PA Mary Jo – super. Paul, hospitalist, was nice, great bedside manner. Nurses Christina, Patti, Aubrey – Thanks. You were terrific. PCT Sarah – Thanks!

August 2014

My family (wife, daughter, granddaughter) and I have been very impressed with this beautiful facility and our excellent care. We would like to commend Tina, RN ICU days; Ashley, RN ICU nights; Robin, RN ICU days; Marcie, RN CPCU nights; and Trisha, RN CPCU days for their compassionate and expert care. We were all blessed by their kindness and dedication. Thank you! (CPCU)

I would have to say Jessi was wonderful. Always smiled and pleasant when came into room. I would recommend her for any patient and if I ever had to come in again I would like for her to be my nurse.  (CPCU)

All staff in CPCU were wonderful, especially 7A to 7P group. My uncle was there from last Friday until yesterday (Monday). At times he was a challenge, but they worked great with him. (CPCU)

I was very satisfied with my care. My nurses, Sandy, Brian, Cindy, gave me great care-explained meds/treatments-caring and compassion. Dr. Maroj-excellent, excellent-so pleased how he explained all my options, reassured me of my fears, concerns, worries-genuine, caring-great Doctor! Thank you. PCT’s-caring, sweet, prompt answering lights. CPCU unit is excellent! I had great care, so impressed. Cannot express how much I appreciated everyone. Thank you. I have been a nurse for 20 years and know what is supposed to happen and safety checks in place. I felt very safe and well cared for. Jason Fowler is a great nurse, checked up on me every day. Thank you.  (CPCU)

I was visited by many members of your HaysMed facility during my 4 day stay (Aug. 5-8), all of whom provided very high professional services to me. Your nursing staff and services staff were remarkably well trained to provide their medical expertise in a very time-sensitive schedule, including Result Checking follow-ups on applied procedures. The level of facility cleanliness was excellent, with little variability during shift changes. Two of the many excellent nursing staff members provided me with suggested solutions to personal impromptu medical questions requiring my short-time decisions. These 2 nurses made notable impressions on me at these times: Nurse Jessie on the day shift and Nurse Kathy on the night shift during the week of 8-5-14 to 8-814. Of the many exceptional medial doctors that provided services to me that was outstanding for the clarity of explanations of my condition and the alternative choices I had available to me, was Dr. Biring of the Pulmonary Staff. His ability to analyze my questions and clearly answer them in terms that were understandable to a layman patient in my present condition was remarkable and much appreciated!” (CPCU)

Everything and everybody did an exceptional job. I couldn’t have asked for better care. To single someone out would be unfair because they all did an exceptional job. (CPCU)

The team of nurses and doctors took great care of me. Only thing I can say is that get more comfortable beds. (CPCU)

My care was excellent from beginning to end. It is wonderful to have a hospital of this caliber close to home. All of the staff went out of their way to make me feel at ease and in good hands. Thank you Dr. Ashworth and all the cardiac care staff.  (CPCU)

I found your hospital generally efficiently run. The staff is friendly, efficient, and courteous. You have a good group—take care of them. (CPCU)

All the medical staff I encountered were great. Trisha did a wonderful job as my main nurse and the doctors were very professional. I consider myself to be very lucky to have Dr. Teget as my surgeon.  (CPCU)

We didn’t choose this hospital but we are very glad we were sent here. The cardiac team determined what was wrong and took steps to fix it. Staff is amazing. Trisha was his nurse, very comforting and knowledgeable. This has been a good experience and we are very appreciative to the hospital and all of its wonderful staff. (CPCU)

All the nurses and aides were wonderful! And Trisha was exceptional! They even took care of my husband. They were very caring and protective of our privacy. It was a very pleasant experience that I don’t want to have to experience again.  (CPCU)

Trisha certainly deserves a recognition for her terrific attitude and attentive helpfulness. She was uplifting for my husband, the patient, and for me. She does all she can to make us more comfortable, and she knows what to do. She is outstanding!  (CPCU)

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. It was amazing not to feel the shots being given. I really appreciated that.  (CPCU)

Patty is a wonderful, exceptional, conscientious nurse. Jenna is a wonderful nurses’ aide. All the staff was courteous and professional.  (CPCU)

July 2014

Care here is excellent – what impressed me a lot is how everyone seems to help everyone when there is a need.  Your staff is great – Trish is magnificent!  Thanks for everything.

Outstanding employees make this hospital at 10+.  All were pleasant and happy which made a big difference in place me in pace and a sense of rest and I could trust in the nurses.

Everything went well and as I expected.  I will be back!

I was given exceptional care.  In the past I’ve been in several hospitals from Arkansas to California and received good care, but never as good as at HaysMed.  There was one RN that was “very” wonderful and helpful in my care, her name was Allison.  I wish to thank all the nurses and aides that aided in my care.  God bless you all.

What a wonderful experience!  The staff in the ER and CPCU were nothing short of magnificent.  I was treated with dignity and respect.  Every single employee knew their job and did it well.  Many thanks for making my stay and my treatment not just bearable, but a very positive experience!

June 2014

All the nurses and PCTs were very nice.  Katelyn and Allie were great and were very friendly.  Thank YOU!

The entire staff was very helpful and kind.  Keep up the great work!

All the staff are very passionate about the work they do.  We had a really good experience once again.  Thank you very much for the wonderful care.  I really appreciate it.

All staff members have been very helpful and very friendly.  I have enjoyed my time here as a patient and would recommend HaysMed to anyone.

The doctors and staff at your facility have been excellent, care was outstanding, everyone was courteous to me and my family during my recent visit.  Food was great.  Thakn you very much from my heart to everyone involved.

The care that was given to my mother the past two times she was a patient here was outstanding.  All involved were very professional and deserving high praise.  Keep up the great work it is most appreciated.  Docs were great!!  They made us feel like family.  Very cool.

All involved in my care and treatment in the Cath Lab are to be commended.  I was particularly pleased with Christina’s care and treatment and with Dr. Dimen’s work in the cath procedure.

Everyone was exceptionally caring.  I received top notch care.  I’m glad we chose to come to HaysMed.

May 2014

Everyone was very kind and caring.  HaysMed is top notch!  So blessed to have cardio care and cancer care here.

Danielle was a big help in getting my back to relax so I could get out of here on schedule.  Trisha and Leitha were on the spot for anything that I needed.  The overnight girls were considerate as they got me through the night.

We do greatly appreciate all medical and other services at the center.  This city and area of this part of Kansas is very fortunate to have access to HaysMed.  All physicians, nurses and surgeons are knowledgeable and caring.  Thank you for your help in getting my life back.

Everyone and everything was great. I enjoyed everyone and you were a great bunch.  Thanks a million!

“Nurse Joyce and PCT Leitha provided excellent care – very attentive following balloon procedure to the leg.  Amazed at the food choices available and the good condition of the food upon delivery!”  (CPCU)

“The days I was here staff was outstanding.  Thanks for making me feel normal again.  Everyone was great – thanks to all of them.”  (CPCU)

“We come from Great Bend and asked to be sent here.  My father and mother were treated here and had such good care.  Thanks so much!”

April 2014

I enjoyed my stay here, it strikes me as a five star hotel and I appreciate the consideration and kindness extended to me.

Jackie my nurse and both doctors, Anaya and Dimen were excellent; explained the procedure thoroughly.

My care was really excellent during my stay.  In particular my nurse Trisha.  The care and attention she gave during my stay this time as well as the last stay is truly something HaysMed should be proud of.  HaysMed is a wonderful asset to our area.  Thanks so much.

I was so impressed with everyone on the unit.  Everyone was so friendly and up-beat and caring.  I felt pampered.  I thought Jordan was a sweetheart helping me shower and wash my hair.  She even got me extra coffee.  Ross and Chuck took very good care of me.

The nurses and doctors are wonderful.  Always willing to help to make you comfortable and make you feel special.  Jesse on the heart ward is great.

We are very pleased with the care that we got from all staff.  My daughter in Chicago checked the website and was very impressed with the information.  She is editor for AMA journal.  We are always happy with care.

I cannot pick just one Associate for exceptional care because everyone I came in contact with was exceptional.  As a patient I can say I was actually blown away.  Keep up the good work.

Everyone here has been like a family to me.  When I needed them they were here to help me.  I am very happy for the doctors too.  I was very satisfied.  I love you all for what you have done for me.  Thank you so much!

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my stay at your hospital.  Every doctor, staff member was so pleasant and very helpful.  The care was top notch.  Everyone that visited me was equally impressed at the care which I received.


I loved everyone that worked with me during my stay, they were all wonderful and so caring.  Thanks for everything.

We have received wonderful care from all HaysMed staff.  Dr. Ashworth and Susie were so professional!  All nurses, therapists, and aides were outstanding too.  We would recommend HaysMed to everyone.  Thanks so much!

The nursing staff I had contact with were all great!  Answered all my questions and were concerned about my welfare, pain and comfort.  I was never in need of anything.  They were always there.  The food was good and delivered in a timely manner when ordered.

Once again the care I got while a patient was outstanding.  When I got out of surgery Crystal and Haylee were constantly in my room checking to see if I was ok.  The next day Crystal stayed on top of my release orders to ensure I go to go home without any delay.  Thank You.

My husband was brought to ER – very impressed with nurse Cammie and Dr. Merry – was exceptional care.  His visit required overnight observation.  Room 2213 was spacious, clean – staff was very professional, Andy was the admitting nurse and morning nurse was Crystal and Cardiologist Dr. Davis.  All care was exceptional, informative, helpful and noteworthy.  Impressed with care given.

Patrick and Drs. Davis and Galeo were very helpful and informative.  Patrick met the needs of the patient… even a vanilla milkshake!

All caregivers were professional and helpful, totally positive group.

December 2013

We appreciated the care and attitudes of the nurses and doctors.  Everyone was polite and if we had questions, they would answer them to the best of their ability.  We also liked the cleanliness of the hospital in general.  Thank you for your great care!

Very good service.  Really enjoyed our two nurses, Cindy and Barb.  They do a great job taking care of their patients and both have a sparkling personality!  Thanks also to Dr. Clark.”

This is absolutely the best hospital I have ever been in.  Everyone here is so kind and considerate.  Everyone is so genuinely concerned about how I feel and if I need anything at all.  I honestly have never had such wonderful people caring for me.  God bless you all!

I would like to thank everyone who cared for me.  Everyone went out of their way to see that I was well cared for and comfortable.  I don’t remember ever being this cared for anywhere I’ve ever been.  It was like being around caring family the whole time.  Thank You.

I have never been cared for by better nurses, food dept, or cleaning persons.  It was a pleasure to hear happy workers laughing as they did their work.  The sounds come from happy workers who love their jobs!  The male nurses were a great help.  Hope you can find some more.  They lighten the load and a comfort for male patients.

All staff were thoughtful and caring.  My nurses when I was admitted, Darlene, made sure I was comfortable.  My daytime nurse, Trishia was excellent at calming my fears and made sure I had what I needed.  I also would like to thank the aides.  Brenda is a wonderful aide and made me feel like I was family.

November 2013

Staying here was a good experience!  Cindy, Andy, Trisha, and Carmen were awesome.  They joked and made me feel as home.  Everyone was nice and made sure I was comfortable!  Thanks you for having awesome staff!

Every nurse and PCT who took care of me was outstanding.  If my vote counts, they are all to be rewarded.  Thank You.

We cannot believe the wonderful care we received at HaysMed from ICU to CPCU.  The services were always quick and good.  We loved Dr. Ashworth and all the nurses, especially Crissy Haynes in ICU.  We will recommend HMC to everyone.  We thank everyone!

All the staff was great.  Dr. Bernaro is terrific and the nursing staff is the best around.  Room service is very nice.  Yummy food and great service.  All in all, if you need to be in a hospital, HMC is THE place to be.  It’s very comforting knowing you’re here in a time of need.

Dr. Janif explained very well, all the how’s and why’s.  He’s really nice.

Everyone was so nice to me and was continually concerned about my comforts and needs.  Jess and Linsey were wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for better RNs.  Outstanding!

October 2013

Thank you for the good care Mom received in a courteous and timely manner.  Thank you to all the aides and doctors.

I’m sorry I can’t remember all the names but your staff here that worked with me is exceptional.  Marcie was a jewel but they were all sweet and helpful very caring.  If this had to happen I feel blessed that I was brought here.  Thank all of your staff that was with me.

Your staff did great!  They were always here when I needed something.  Very awesome!

I was a little worried about coming here.  I’ve always went to Wichita but you people treated me with respect and all the nurses were very knowledgeable about my problem.  Very kind nurses and aids and just everybody was super.  You were so good that I am changing my heart care to here from now on.  I thank you very much and the doctors were very good in their care.  Thank you all.

Thanks to all the nurses and pct’s who took the upmost amazing care of my grandpa.  It’s a very refreshing feeling to know he is always in great hands.  The nurses on CPCU were very nice and caring towards him.  It’s great to be part of such an amazing group of coworkers here at HaysMed.  He’s always treated like family.  Once again, a huge thank you.  You all rock!  Keep up the great work and amazing care!!!

September 2013

Everything went amazingly well.  Everyone was professional and always asked if I needed anything.  I am very grateful for your services!

I thought the care I received was great.  The room was cheerful and clean.  The nurses and PCTs were very caring, concerned, attentive and helpful.  I really appreciate all of this care; it made my stay as pleasant as possible.

Completely satisfied!  ALL STAFF was very good and friendly.  Doctors and RNs were very good.  Kuddos to Trish and ICU staff was exceptional especially Karen!  I would recommend DeBakey to all.  Thanks for your care!

Everyone on 3rd floor has been wonderful to me while I’ve been in the hospital.  I would not hesitate one minute to recommend this hospital to anyone.

Very good hospital, friendly and the nurses were prompt.  Everyone was wonderful.

Jessi and Sheila were very personable, caring and sincere.  They made me feel comfortable and went out of their way to make sure my medical needs were taken care of.

The staff was wonderful, caring and friendly especially Dr. Ashworth and Susie.  The food was good.  The iPad was so neat!  Thank you very much.

This is a great place to be able to come instead of going to Wichita, KS or Denver!

Stephanie was very good at explaining instructions for discharge.  She also told me what to do if any problems occur.

August 2013

From Dr. Curtis when I saw him in Wakeeney to Dr. Fisher who performed the surgery and all others involved in my care here at HMC, let me just say how caring and delightful they have been to me.  We all need to be thankful that we have a facility as nice as this one in our area.

I was very, very satisfied!  Everyone was wonderful.  Glad my doctor sent me here!  Will be back if needed!  Thank you all so much!

Everyone on CPCU was wonderful.  I was scared to death of a procedure but they explained it to me and made me feel comfortable and I thank them for that.

I was treated like Royalty.  They were all so good to me and professional.  They bent over backwards to get all my requests taken care of.  My daughter was very pleased with everything and we so appreciated her being able to stay in my room.  My God reward each and every one of you!


July 2013

I am very pleased with the care I have received here.  Every person that has helped me with my care has been very considerate, knowledgeable and quickly available.

I could not be more satisfied with the healthcare I received.  I’m so glad to have come here with my husband for his healthcare.  I could not ask for better service.  Thanks to all the staff for the support I received during this hard time.  To the doctor – thanks so much for the great job!

Our stay at HaysMed Cardiac Unit was very warm and comforting.  The level of care given was excellent.  We never felt unsecure in the skill of nursing.  The nursing staff was always sincere, patient and caring.  My husband said that having to be here almost “felt like home.”  We cannot say enough good things about the cardiac care unit.  We sincerely hope that staff receive the “kudos” they so rightly deserve.  Also: food ordering and quality was excellent!

The care I received during my stay here at HMC was excellent.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of nursing people even if I would have picked them myself.  Thanks to everyone!  What a great place to get well in.

All of our nurses were great and my boyfriend got the best patient care I’ve ever seen!  Our nurses Sheila, Patty, Kathy and Sandy were all very sweet and attentive to our needs and always answered all of our questions and concerns.  Barb and Brandell are amazing aides!  A+ girls!  This was the 2nd time he was flown here and even though it was very scary, we knew we were in the best possible cardiac facility.  Thanks to everyone on CPCU that took care of us.

Everyone here was very professional, helpful, informational and very pleasant and respectful.  You have a great staff!  Thanks you very much for taking care of me.

My cardiac care was excellent from beginning to end.  Dr. Dobbs met me in the ER room and explained the procedure that he planned to do in the cath unit.  The cath staff was friendly and professional.  After my cath Dr. Dobbs gave me and my family a complete report of the results and his recommendation for future care.  The personnel in the cardiac care unit were professional, friendly and explained meds and answered any questions that I had.  The food was excellent.  I would recommend HaysMed to anyone.

Devin was really nice and good, a top notch employee.  Fisher and the rest of the staff were great too.  Thanks so much!

Going to the hospital is never a good thing, but I will have to say my experience here has been very good.  Working in healthcare myself I understand and experience things as a worker rather than a patient.  Now, being the patient I must say I am very impressed with this facility.  I was treated with respect and understanding and all the staff gave excellent, professional care.  You have opened my eyes to an exceptional hospital which, if ever needed I would be a patient again without question.  Thank you to all your staff from Drs to dietary – techs, nurses, CNAs and supportive staff.  You are all doing a great job!  Kansas is very lucky to have a facility of this high standards and quality in healthcare.  Keep up the good work and again, thank you so much!

Everyone at HaysMed is great.  From the receptionist to the nursxes, the therapists, doctors, and even the cleaning – you are all wonderful.  Not only do you show care and concern for the patient but also for the family.  We truly feel at home here.  Keep up the good work!

My husband was a patient in the CPCU for 2 days.  We were so pleased with the quality of care and the warmth and compassion showed by everyone we worked with.  We would particularly like to praise nurses Katelyn, Marcie and Jana who personally walked a tired and frazzled wife (me) to her care at the end of the day.  Thanks to all in the CPCU!!

Devin and Shawn were courteous and very professional.  They did a good job making me feel at ease and answered questions when asked.

June 2013

Thank you so much for the excellent care I have received during my stay.  Very caring, bright, alert and dedicated staff.  I was very comfortable and confident of receiving excellent care.  The food was superb.

How many ways can we say THANK YOU!  Every staff members was totally professional, extremely helpful in every way.  We were stranded and even the security guard helped us to a hotel.  We joked about rural America but you were the best!  The world needs to know about Hays, KS and this medical staff.

Excellent care.  Courteous and caring.  We can tell staff truly enjoys their job and will go the extra mile to make the patient comfortable and meet their needs.  Good Job.

This is my 3rd or 4th visit to HaysMed.  This is the friendliest, cleanest and most professionally operated facility I have ever been admitted to.  All departments work well together, all staff members work well together and have positive attitudes toward not only patients but other team members.  The food is exceptional.  My choice of the most exceptional Associate would be Katelyn – you are very lucky to have such a wonderful, all around employee.

Everyone who took care of me was awesome.  I could not have asked for better care.

May 2013

I cannot express the level of care and compassion that I received from your center.  The level of knowledge and communication is surpassed by none.  The level of compassion and understand was superior.  They all took time to make me understand what happened to me and explained it as well to my wife.  I am moving to the area and I have NO concerns about the level of care I will receive in the future.  I must share that the overall care was beyond what I could have expected.  Jessie was so attentive and always asked what I needed before I was even ready.  She made my stay easier than you can know.  She made our stay as pleased as one could have expected. All of the doctors, nurses, staff including room service has a higher standard of excellence than any other hospital I have ever experienced!

None of us want to be in a hospital but the nurses, aides and other supporting staff was very pleasant, friendly, supportive and helpful.  I was very thankful for their help.  The people that I dealt with were “top of the line.”  The food and food service was very good and very accommodating.

Everything was great.  Everyone from the doctors to housekeeping were exceptional.  If it weren’t for having a heart attack I would have enjoyed everything about my stay.  I think everyone went above and beyond.  Thank you very much; it hardly felt like being in a hospital

My father had a heart attack Monday and was admitted to the DeBakey Heart Institute @ HMC.
I lived in Hays until 1997, but now live in Topeka.   After hearing of my dad’s condition I headed to Hays.  My children were actually born at the old St. Anthony’s hospital.  (now HMC), but I’d not been in the facility for probably twenty years. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I was with the hospital, and especially the heart institute.That is one, top –notch facility!   ………and the staff there, caring for my father, was superb to match.What a wonderful thing it is for Hays to have such a fine hospital.   I cannot say enough about how well we were treated.  Dr. Markiewicz did the procedure and Dr. Davis was the attending physician.   Both were fabulous, but Dr. Davis was so gentle and caring toward my dad.   That meant a lot to all of us.

Our nurses were all wonderful, especially Lacy on the first evening.

Many, many kudos to ALL.

My husband has had nothing but loving, competent care whether in ICU or CPCU.  Nurses and Drs have taken my needs and concerns into consideration as mush as my husband.  Dr. Davis and Dr. Ashworth and Susie are some really top notch surgeons but so many others also.  People in the offices – wherever we needed help, everyone was so caring.

Food service is excellent!  Nurses were friendly, courteous and gave immediate attention.  Everyone and everything was neat and clean.  We would recommend this hospital and staff!