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Patient Comments

April 2019

Where do I start? Everyone was great. Amber is still my favorite I stayed twice and she remembered me and we were just like old friends. Always there to talk to me when I need her! Tina she too is awesome we became good friends the first time I was here and we still are! She was always so busy at night but came super fast when I called for her. She took very good care of me.

Baylee, very sweet girl, she’s a keeper! She was spot on with my bed pan. She got it every time. I was always glad to see her. She’s friendly and we always had something to talk about. Carolyn [ob./gyn] she works with babies so she was very mothering! Who doesn’t want to be taken care of by their “mom.” Nice lady!

Sonja, she was great, very gentle. She went through what I am going through twice! She knew how to move me as pain free as possible. We had some very nice talks that made me feel so much better. Lauren always said something to me when she saw me even if she wasn’t my nurse. She made me feel like her sister. Sweet girl!

Kinsay, very caring lady. She loves to spoil me! She helps me do anything. I am uncomfortable asking for help on something she wants to do everything for me! She makes sure all my needs are made. PS. If you tell her about what I said tell her “ she’ll make headlines some day!!” she will know what it means.

Shaila, she was a lifesaver! I was so itchy one night and she came in and put lotion all over me. So nice… Nick my first male nurse and of course I had a bm! Not only one but four times. He was very respectful, he was so sweet I didn’t feel so weird! Jason from LAB all though I hate needles he was very good and quick. He never missed or hurt me!

Dr. Max DeCarvalho – very informative and explains everything you ask. He is very thorough; shows any part of MRI and CT Scan you ask about. Like his temperament and bedside manner. Hopefully surgery is a success! I’m sure it will be.

Rebecca, PA for Dr. Max – great personal career! Listens and explains all questions. Knows her work. Would make a good doctor!

Shannon (works with insurance) was very helpful. She worked very hard and made lots of calls to get somewhere closer to home. I’m moving on! I will miss everyone so much. I feel like they are my friends. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Brenda, PCT, day shift – prompt, great personality, considerate, good attitude, very helpful. Braylen, PCT, night shift, smiles a lot and is great as well. All very prompt, the PCTs taking care of me.

Lauren, nurses on day shift, love her attitude and personality. Works hard and is prompt. I forgot things to ask for and she returned right after I asked for it. Checks on you… one of the best nurses.

Paul, nurse at night was very busy but got him to talk. Very nice attitude. Shaila, PCT on nights was very pleasant and helpful, nice to talk to. Jennifer, Respiratory Therapist was very intelligent and knowledgeable. Explained everything I asked and informed me of things that I thought were more accurate than other therapists in different business told me. Very pleasant personality. Emely, she was in housekeeping. Very nice lady, easy to talk to. She made sure my personal things were kept together. Always watched out for my plant!

March 2019

I am sorry I do not know the names of the individuals that took care of me. But I do want to say I had wonderful, professional, comforting care from all I was in contact with. The entire staff responsible for my care were very courteous and polite and made my stay there a very good experience considering the reason I was there.

Feb 2019

I was completely satisfied with all my treatments and with all the people involved. Everyone I was in contact with was helpful and kind. The facilities were clean and kept up even during some very bad weather that coincided with my stay. Thanks to everyone!

My RN Molli was amazing. She was caring, empathetic and sensitive. Great at explaining things that were going to happen and always answering my questions, before I could even ask. She is a blessing.

July 2018

We had great care by Dr. Max DeCarvalho and his staff for my spinal surgery. Also, by the staff on the joint floor where I stayed. Shelby Rohr stood out as very caring and on top of my after-surgery care.

The care I received at the Bone, Joint, and Spine Center during my stay (4/3/18- 4/5/18) for a knee replacement was exceptional. I want to especially say thank you to my nurses Amber and Kim, who I felt went above and beyond. They were wonderful.

In the last 30 hours here at HaysMed I have had the best nurses and aides that anyone could every ask for. Amber and the night nurse (can’t remember her name) did their very best to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted to make my stay exceptionally good out of a bad situation. I have had the best care and would recommend this facility to everyone.

I am writing on behalf of my father and myself. My father received excellent care from the team on the bone, joint and spine floor. They were so attentive to his every need; they
encouraged him, gave him positive reinforcement and were extremely patient. I can’t give enough praise to : Amber, Tina, Brenda, Kinzey, Lauren, Shannon, Stephanie, Mark (TCNS) and Aubrey (TCNS).

I continue to be impressed with the people working in the bone, joint and spine center. All my call lights were promptly answered, all my questions were directed properly. Most
importantly, I felt as though I were the only patient at the time, that they gave me all the time that I needed. I have used the After-Visit call line and have found it very reassuring! Thank you!


Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Accredited Facility


Managing Infection Risk – DNV GL Healthcare

There is freedom in movement – freedom to do what you love. Whether your passion is line dancing or casting a line, growing the biggest pumpkin, or a perfect layup for the team, the experts at HaysMed Orthopedic Institute will help you regain your best moves.

HaysMed Orthopedic Institute

As one of the Top 20 rural hospitals in America – with four-star ratings for patient experience – HaysMed offers the region’s most comprehensive and advanced orthopedic program in western Kansas. With the largest and most experienced team of dedicated surgeons, physicians, providers, nurses and therapists, HaysMed Orthopedic Institute will help you regain freedom of movement for every bone, muscle and joint in your body – at any age.

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We’ll help you go the distance.

From joint and spine surgery to sports medicine, trauma care, rehabilitative therapy and more, we are here to help you go the distance – with no need to travel far. Our HaysMed Orthopedic Institute in Hays, Kansas, is staffed and equipped for the most complex specialized care and surgical procedures to get you moving again. With the only spine surgery program in the region, a certified Hip & Knee Replacement Center, a Level III Trauma Center equipped to handle orthopedic trauma, and an ER team trained in emergency orthopedic care for fractures and dislocations, we have the newest technology, and equipment in the entire region.

Our orthopedic specialists also travel to outreach clinics in Colby, Great Bend, Larned and Scott City. They coordinate closely with local primary care teams and critical access hospitals. Keeping your healthcare local has always been our goal. You don’t have to travel far to find excellence in orthopedic care. It’s all here at HaysMed.

Total Joint Care

As the region’s only DNV-GL certified Hip & Knee Replacement Center, we offer the most advanced procedures for total hip and knee replacement, as well as direct anterior approach hip replacement plus minimally invasive and 24-hour outpatient replacement procedures. In addition to hip and knee sub specialization, our orthopedic experts also specialize in shoulder replacement, orthopedic trauma, hand, foot and ankle surgery.

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Spine Surgery

Our Spine Center is the only comprehensive spine care and spine surgery program in the region. We specialize in treating diseases and disorders of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, including musculoskeletal problems, disc problems and degenerative conditions, spinal deformities and fractures.

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Sports Medicine

Our fellowship-trained sports medicine experts know how to get you back in the game. Our athletic performance and outreach training program is specialized and comprehensive – one of many reasons we are the official sports medicine provider for Fort Hays State University. For prompt injury assessments by our sports medicine specialists, we offer a walk-in clinic through our Hays Orthopedic Institute and an urgent care walk-in clinic at HaysMed.

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Orthopedic Trauma

As a Level III Trauma Center, our fellowship-trained trauma surgeons, orthopedic specialists and emergency physicians are highly skilled at treating orthopedic traumas.

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Outreach Clinics

Our Orthopedic Institute Outreach clinics are located in Colby, Great Bend, Larned and Scott City, with centralized scheduling at all five outreach clinics. For those outside of Hays, Kansas, our outreach clinics make it possible to receive convenient pre- and post-surgery care close to home.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Our diagnostic imaging and radiology services offer a full complement of diagnostic testing and imaging, including on-site MRI. In fact, our Hays Orthopedic Institute offers the state-of-the-art GE 450 Short Bore MRI with a wider opening – as comfortable as having a CT exam done.

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Rehabilitation Therapy

Our rehabilitation therapists collaborate with you and your physicians and to help you regain function and strength post-procedure. Whether it’s bone, joint, muscle or spine related, we will help you go the distance – to full recovery.

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Care Navigation

We offer dedicated patient navigation for hip/knee replacement procedures, with a specialized nurse navigator to guide our orthopedic patients through scheduling, education, procedures and post-procedure care.

Your Destination for Orthopedic Health

From the football fields to the farm fields of western Kansas, we’re giving you every reason to choose HaysMed. Supported by the expertise of our award-winning HaysMed team, the HaysMed Orthopedic Institute is your destination for expert orthopedic care in western Kansas.

For more information, call 785-261-7599. Referring physicians can directly refer a patient by contacting the Orthopedic Institute or through ER Direct.

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