Indoor Walking Trail

Take a break while at HaysMed and use one of our walking trials.  We have an Inside Walking Trail located on the first floor of the hospital.  Maps are available in the lobbies of entrances A, B and C.  We also have a scenic Outdoor Walking Trail.

Outdoor Walking Trail

HaysMed Fitness Trail is located on the east side of the hospital campus. The paved portion of the trail is six tenths of a mile long and there is an additional four tenth mile long grass path nature trail. Alongside this tree lined trail is a picnic shelter and play equipment. Numerous benches allow for a nice area to take a break from your walk or jog and a gazebo is located on the east side of the trail to allow for shaded cover from the sun.

Whether you are heading out to the trail for a morning jog, leisurely stroll or for a birthday party at the play equipment and picnic shelter, the HaysMed Fitness Trail is a great place to be! For more information, please feel free to contact us!