What Nutrition Coaching Services are available?

– Individualized Nutrition Coaching Sessions (individual and packaged sessions are available)
– Menu Planning
– Individual Lifestyle Weight Management Program
– Meta-Check (MetaCheck is a simple 10 minute breath test that shows you how many calories your body burns at rest, and calculates your approximate calorie needs to lose, gain, or maintain your weight)

What is Nutrition Coaching?

– A thorough review of your nutritional health
– A review of what you eat and your eating and nutrition-related habits
– A personalized nutrition plan based on your individualized needs and lifestyle

How will Nutrition Coaching help me?

– Manage weight
– Reduce risk of chronic disease
– Nutrition for specialized nutrition-related conditions
– Mindfully eat
– Improve overall general health

How do I schedule a Nutrition Coaching Service?

1) Download the Nutrition Coaching form and intake log here, complete it, and return it The Center for Health Improvement front desk. The Wellness Dietitian will then call you to set an appointment.

2) Stop by the front desk of The Center for Health Improvement to obtain the Nutrition Coaching form. Upon completion and return of the form to the front desk, the Wellness Dietitian will call you to set an appointment.

For more information on Nutrition Coaching call The Center for Health Improvement Wellness Dietitian at 785-623-5913, or e-mail

Nutrition Services Pricing

1. Menu Planning Pricing

2 week meal plan w/30 min. pre and post (free) nutrition coaching session $85.00
4 week meal plan w/30 min pre and post (free) nutrition coaching session $100.00
Substitution List $5.00
Customized changes $65.00/hr

2. Nutrition Coaching Pricing

Orientation Pkg. (one 1 hr. session, two 45 min. sessions) Member $160.00 | Non Member $175.00
30 min. session $45.00
60 min. session $65.00
15 min. addl. $15.00
3pk. (45 min. ea.) $135.00 Member; $165.00 non-member
6pk. (45 min. ea.) $225.00 member; $315.00 non-member

3. Meta Check

Members $45.00
Non-Members $55.00