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HaysMed Sports Medicine Mission Statement

To provide western Kansas high school and college student athletes, school districts, and recreational athletes with access to quality sports medicine healthcare through highly qualified Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC).

The purpose of HaysMed Sports Medicine is to:

  • Provide preventative measures and early intervention of athletic injuries
  • Perform recognition, evaluation, and immediate care of athletic injuries
  • Provide rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries
  • Provide health care administration, education and counseling to area athletes
  • Provide ongoing educational opportunities for area athletes, coaches, and parents regarding the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, as well as improvement of athletic performance

Goals of HaysMed Sports Medicine:

  • To provide quality outreach athletic training coverage for area high schools, colleges, and recreational athletics
  • To provide Monday morning acute injury clinics throughout the high school sports season
  • To provide quality athletic performance enhancement through the Athletic Edge and Kansas Athletic Testing Combine
  • To educate area athletes, coaches, parents, and the general public on the importance of injury prevention and prompt injury assessment by a trained sports medicine professional
  • To educate area physicians, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals on the specialized skills of our Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) regarding sports medicine care through the Sports Medicine Symposium
  • To provide job shadowing, educational experiences, and Student Athletic Training Camps to high school students interested in the field of athletic training and/or sports medicine
  • To continuously improve our staff of Certified Athletic Trainers through continuing education and professional membership via the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and others.

Athletic Training Outreach Program

HSM offers Outreach coverage to Western Kansas High Schools. This coverage includes one to four visits a week depending on the contract. Schools also have the option of varsity sporting event coverage. This coverage includes having a Certified Athletic Trainer at the location readily available for immediate care, assessment, and/or treatment of any athletic injuries.

During weekly visits an ATC is available at the school for injury or illness assessment. The Athletic Trainer also focuses on educating the athlete, coach, parents, and administration on the importance of prevention and treatment of athletic injuries. If any injury requires further evaluation, HSM offers prompt access to highly qualified Physician and/or Physician Assistants at Hays Orthopedic Clinic.

The joint efforts of HaysMed Sports Medicine and Hays Orthopedic Institute focus on rehabilitating and reconditioning the athletes’ injury for a safe return to competition.

HaysMed Sport Medicine Staff Directory

Jared Reed, PA-C

Jared Reed, PA-C

Vivek Sharma, MD

Vivek Sharma, MD

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Orthopedics
Wally Walstrom, DO

Wally Walstrom, DO

Family Medicine, Orthopedics
Shawn Landers

Shawn Landers

Athletic Training, Personal Training, Sports Medicine
Jenny Guernsey

Jenny Guernsey

Athletic Training, Sports Medicine