HaysMed Sports Medicine Mission Statement

To provide western Kansas high school and college student athletes, school districts, and recreational athletes with access to quality sports medicine healthcare through highly qualified Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC).

The purpose of HaysMed Sports Medicine is to:

  • Provide preventative measures and early intervention of athletic injuries
  • Perform recognition, evaluation, and immediate care of athletic injuries
  • Provide rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries
  • Provide health care administration, education and counseling to area athletes
  • Provide ongoing educational opportunities for area athletes, coaches, and parents regarding the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, as well as improvement of athletic performance

Goals of HaysMed Sports Medicine:
Provide quality outreach athletic training coverage for area school districts. Coverage includes recognition/evaluation and immediate care of athletic injuries including referral when necessary. In addition, Athletic Trainers are also available to provide rehabilitation, reconditioning, and education to prevent athletic injury.

Provide prompt access to injury assessments by a sports medicine professional including walk in clinics through Hays Orthopedic Institute, urgent care walk in clinic at HaysMed, and urgent access to Athletic Training through outreach coverage service.

Educate area athletes, coaches, families and the general public on the importance of injury prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and return to activity.

Provide education on the Athletic Training profession including daily interaction with students at outreach schools, job shadowing, participation in career fairs, speaking at area school districts, and various community education opportunities. HaysMed also serves as clinical instructors for the Ft. Hays St. University Athletic Training Education Program in a variety of settings in health care.

Athletic Training Outreach Program

HaysMed offers outreach coverage to Western Kansas school districts. This coverage includes one to five visits per week depending on the contract. These visits are made beginning at the end of the school day and extending into practice time so Athletic Trainers are available for taping, injury assessment, rehabilitation, and observing practices. This also aides in communication with coaches, athletes, and parents without pulling students out of school.

Schools also have the option for additional game/event coverage. This includes having a Certified Athletic Trainer at the location readily available for immediate care, assessment, and/or treatment of any athletic injuries. Our Athletic Trainers also focus on educating the athlete, coach, parents, and administration on the importance of prevention and treatment of athletic injuries.

If any injury requires further evaluation, HaysMed offers prompt access to qualified physicians and/or physician assistants at Hays Orthopedic Institute, sports walk in clinics, urgent care clinics, and other HaysMed physician offices. HaysMed Athletic Trainers work seamlessly with other healthcare professionals to focus on rehabilitating and reconditioning the athletes for a quick yet safe return to activity.

Sports Performance Program

HaysMed offers a variety of programs to also aide athletes in enhancing their sport performance, reduce their risk of injury, and provide a platform to assist in recruiting for those athletes interested in collegiate athletics.

Athletic Edge is a unique performance enhancement program customized for each athlete to increase his or her skills in a fun, competitive environment. Daily workouts are designed to motivate and challenge athletes while providing age-level safe exercises to improve speed, coordination, strength, and conditioning. Another key component of Athletic Edge is a focus on correcting movements and improve techniques to reduce injury risk. Workouts can be performed in a group setting or in individual/small groups.

The Testing Combine is held annually at The Center for Health Improvement. Athletes from around the state are invited to test their athletic abilities in a variety of events. Participants receive a report on their individual results including percentiles and comparisons to previous year testing. Results also include information on national averages for middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes by sport to help in goal setting. Results are sent to the athlete’s respective school coaches and we also send testing results to colleges around the Midwest as a way to promote our area athletes for recruiting purposes. In addition to our annual event, testing is also available to schools or individuals by appointment.

HaysMed Sport Medicine Staff Directory

Max De Carvalho, MD

Max De Carvalho, MD

Orthopedics, Spine Surgery
Jared Reed, PA-C

Jared Reed, PA-C

Wally Walstrom, DO

Wally Walstrom, DO

Family Medicine, Orthopedics
Shawn Landers

Shawn Landers

Athletic Training, Personal Training, Sports Medicine
Jenny Guernsey

Jenny Guernsey

Athletic Training, Sports Medicine